Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is a set of principles that serves as an ethical road map for PINC Group employees and companies.Our ethical guidelines define and govern our conduct in all matters relating to business.

Corporate Identification Number (CIN)

of Pioneer Investcorp Limited and its Wholly Owned Subsidiaries.

Sr. No Company Name Cin
1 Pioneer Investcorp Ltd. L65990MH1984PLC031909
2 Pioneer Wealth Management Services Ltd. U67120MH2006PLC161354
3 Pioneer Money Management Ltd. U67190MH2006PLC161353
4 Pioneer Investment Advisory Services Ltd. U74140MH2006PLC161672
5 Infinity.Com Financial Securities Ltd. U67120MH1994PLC078100
6 Pioneer Commodity Intermediaries Pvt. Ltd. U51909MH2003PTC142071
7 Pioneer Fundinvest Pvt. Ltd. U65990MH1981PTC025972

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