Posted on May 26, 2020

As most of us are working from home, we are also working for home. Right from taking care of the house, family members, and stepping out to get groceries and essential goods we do it all. Quarantine is treating everyone differently. For some, it is an opportunity to spend time with their family and practice their hobbies which they could not before due to their busy lifestyle but for some, it has become difficult to maintain a routine and balance everything. Although everyone’s way of managing, organizing their tasks and activities is different, one common thing that everyone should include in their routine is self-care.

Do not take yourself for granted. For people who are taking care of their families along with working from home self-care may seem like a low priority. It is important to give yourself a little break to process your emotions and feel relaxed. The self-care routine should now be your main priority more than ever. This is the best time to calm down, relax, and enjoy some ‘me time’ which otherwise you do not get to. Apart from that self-care routines have helped people in increasing their productivity, positivity, and to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

While self-care sounds like a fancy idea, it might be difficult to understand how to go about with it. Here are a few tips before you start curating your routine

  • Strike a balance: It is very important to maintain a balance between structure and flexibility. While it is important to have a structure to your day, do not be too restrictive about it. Be a little flexible and let it loose, but not too loose. Do not feel guilty about missing out on certain things but prepare a plan to make up for it later. Do not force yourself into anything.

  • Find your comfort zone: Your self-care routine must be custom made as per your preferences. It must be comforting. Start with things you like the most and are the easiest for you to do.

  • Limit news consumption: Having information about everything around you is important but do not let it negatively affect you. Consume news that is important.

  • Connect with yourself: The most important part of curating a self-care routine is connecting with yourself. Know yourself first. Do things that will make you happy. Explore the real you. Do not follow what others are doing. This is the beauty of a self-care routine. It is unique. It is all about you..

Finding your comfort zone, a happy place can be time-consuming. You could need more than a day (or even a week) to understand what would make you happy. But to start with you can explore some options and then pick up what works the best for you. While you take care of yourself during the quarantine period, we will take care of you. Do not let unprecedented incidents affect your mental health and create an imbalance in your financial stability. Explore yourself while we have got you covered. Being composite brokers in India, we at Pinc Insurance provide a range of insurance and risk advisory services. We help you buy, renew, and compare insurance that suits your needs and budget. We ensure hassle free and seamless insurance purchase and insurance claims process. So, leave all your insurance related worries to us and start exploring yourself.

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